Rosso Development

Founded in Shenzhen, China in 2006, Rosso has grown into a professional pharmaceutical company focused in Chinese market, with the sales growth rate of over 35% annually. Following the global development trend of the pharmaceutical industry and identifying the Chinese market demands, Rosso has won an ever-growing reputation of our solid performance, persistence and dedication among industry friends. Rosso has established firm relationships with several famous overseas manufacturers within these few years, and together achieved ongoing success.

Rosso Operations

Our leaders have experience of two decades in pharmaceutical marketing, the in-house sales channel is spread out over the country, and our full-time sales representatives exceed 280. With the assistance of our professional team and rich experiences in self-operation, surely you will receive a satisfying result. We create and optimize the project plan, fully develop the target market, in order to achieve sales goals; meanwhile we keep exploiting new territories and make prompt adjustments to the market strategies, thereby increase the value of your assets and improve the returns.

Registration Service

In the purpose of obtaining long-term success of your products in China, and have the sales maintain stable growth, Rosso is also able to provide you with service of regulatory affairs for your pharmaceutical products in mainland China. We have a professional team of regulatory affairs, who evaluate the product registration dossiers for you, apply for new drug license under your authorization, make efforts to ensure the success of license renewal and solve other problems regarding regulatory affairs.



Devoted to build up a top Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise which brings welfare to patients, create values for clients, offers opportunities of personnel development for staff and introduce pharmaceutical products of high cost effectiveness for human health.


Rosso is one the very few CSOs in mainland China focused in importing and marketing imported drugs. As the exclusive agent of imported drugs, we have maintained years of stable cooperation with several famous global pharmaceutical manufacturers from Germany, Japan, Taiwan, etc. Our rich experience and numerous successful cases have won recognition and reliance from our clients, and enjoyed a high reputation in the Chinese healthcare field. In the future, we sincerely hope to establish long-term collaboration with more excellent manufacturers. We will be your most reliable partner in the Chinese pharmaceutical market.


Rosso keeps building and improving our professional clinical promoter team, completing the layout and integration of the domestic market. We carry out academic promotion in the most influential hospitals in the major cities, and keep connected well with academic association and societies; moreover, we cooperate with major hospitals annually to conduct clinical studies, further expand the application territories of the product or inspect its safety. Besides, our professional regulatory affairs team is competent to offer you a safe and comprehensive registration service, and can undertake pre-launch new drug license application and post-launch follow-ups of any regulatory affairs.


Regulatory affairs

Rosso’s regulatory affair team is offering you safe and comprehensive registration agent service. We can undertake regulatory affairs for imported products including new license application, license renewal, etc. The team is led by experts engaged in regulatory affairs for years, with deep understanding in China regulatory policies, are capable to accurately evaluate the product upon their rich experiences of successful applications. We customize the application of your product according to its features and make the optimal registration scheme for it; meanwhile we keep constant communication with senior consultants, have the application re-evaluated, and make prompt adjustments to the strategies, which, in all aspects, will enhance the success rate of new registration, renewal and alterations for your products.

Product analysis

Rosso commit ourselves to selecting products with the advanced therapeutic concept and excellent quality, and even better if can be assorted with our current product lines. Through our existing national KOL network established over the years, Rosso is able to acknowledge the practical demand of clinical use and keep track of the market dynamic of Chinese medical industry. Rosso’s marketing department will find the precise position for your product and the entry point that suits it best in China, and scheme out the optimal marketing channel.

Staff training

The leaders in Rosso sales team are senior in pharmaceutical business for almost 2 decades, followed by sales representatives who devoted into their work with high efficiency. The present sales reps, 90% of which are educated in medical and pharmaceutical major, with solid foundation of academic knowledge, receive specific product trainings at least twice a year, constantly learning to improve knowledge related to products and the industry, for further understanding the products, and even exploring new product features and new opportunities..Rosso has established talent development program of pharmaceutical sales and management with several professional training organizations in the industry. For Rosso, work force is resource instead of cost. We integrate employees’ personal pursuit into the long-term development of our company, which will not only raise the vocational level of our staff in the business, but also provide stages for them to perform their talents. Rosso cherishes each of our staff.


As one of the main promoters of imported drugs in China, Rosso excels at marketing planning, academic promotion at national level and brand building, achieving our mutual development and marketing objectives. In compliance with laws, regulations, administrative rules and standards, we create and optimize your project plans, with our holistic marketing and multi channels, through our sales network the products will rapidly enter the Chinese market, and by continuous academic promotions it will reach the expected market position and shares.Rosso not only give you promise of a steady sales growth, but also will keep looking for new opportunities and digging new selling points, constantly develop new markets, in order to renew your “old” products.